About Us

Welcome to the House Of Rage

We are a family of three, bringing to our local area, what so many have needed for the last few years.

In 2021, we took over the old Uniform Scrub store in Dartmouth. Immediately, we began creating our vision of an environment where anybody feels welcome and never judged while having a *π™§π™–π™œπ™žπ™£π™œ* great time! We have decided to not only focus on the entertainment side with our rage rooms and paint room, but we will also be playing a big part with Mental Health awareness.

As our buildout continues up to our opening day and beyond; I hope to share with you all, the ups, the downs, and the exciting moments in between!


What is a rage room?

A rage room is your own space with fully equipped reinforced walls, personal protective equipment, and choices of different raging “weapons” to let it out or just have some fun! With fun options of “breakable” packages to choose from, Bluetooth connection to your own music, and your choice of the time limit, it is the one activity you never knew you needed. πŸ˜‰ Break it, smash it or throw it!

Are there any benefits to rage rooms?

Although we are definitely not medically certified in any way, some research has shown that the benefits of raging can include; A sense of empowerment by reclaiming your emotions. A safe place to explore emotions. Nonjudgmental reasons to “let it all out!”. Motivation for positive change and a way to improve relationships by giving you that good bonding experience.
BUT, if you’re still on the fence, book our smallest Smash and Dash package and join us on the other side! BOOK NOW!

What is the “Drip Zone”?

Welcome to our Splatter Paint Room! Think paint, everywhere. Walls, floors, your ponchos, your goggles, on our canvas, shirts, or shoes! Paired with blacklight, led lighting, and your own music via Bluetooth; this is the paint party our momma warned us about! With options to bring your own shirts, shoes, or use the provided canvas; throw the paint, splatter the paint, and have some fun with your friends/families! When it’s all said and done, peel your ponchos off and take your work of art home!

What does PPE include?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required and provided by us.
For Rage Rooms: This includes a hard hat, face shield, safety goggles, cut-resistant gloves, and (optional)full-body coveralls.
For Paint Room: This includes a one time use poncho, hair covers, gloves, goggles, and optional shoe covers.

Is there a dress code?

Rage rooms: Ragers must wear closed-toe shoes and can optionally wear long-sleeve shirts and pants, in the place of our coveralls.
Paint rooms: there is no dress code.

**Please note that any items of clothing brought into the rage rooms or paint room are at your own risk. We provide a safety box to hold any small pocket belongings. Please leave larger items in your vehicle.**

Is there an age minimum/maximum limit?

Rage rooms: 10-17 years old require a signed waiver of guardian and guardian must be present. 18+ with a signed waiver. Younger children must also be able to fit our safety gear correctly. Absolutely no maximum age limit to rage! Call ahead if in need of special accommodation and we will be glad to make your raging dreams come true.

Can I watch, while my family/friends rage?

Guardians must be present for under-aged ragers, however, we do have a zen room, in which nonparticipants can relax, play some games and cool down! One of our rooms has a small window to peek in as well!

Is House of Rage only for angry people?

Absolutely not! This is for everyone. Whether you are looking for a fun Friday evening with your friends, a solo weekday lunch run, or are truly feeling some interior rage, come on by. We are a judgement-free zone, waiting to guide you towards the experience you want!

Can I cancel and refund?

Due to high demand, all of our bookings are prepaid online by appointment. If unable to make your reserved timeslot, please give 24-hour notice and we will gladly reschedule you to a time that best fits you.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to complete safety briefing, PPE suit up and waiver completion. Please note that due to high demand, any late arrivals will run into your timed session and will not guarantee your session.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We love walk-ins and do accept them, but in order to guarantee participation, we highly recommend booking in advance through our online portal. BOOK NOW!

What happens if I run out of breakables before my time is up?

Time slots are based on the packages booked. The bigger the package, the more time to rage! You can take it nice and slow and take in every single swing and throw. Or you can smash through your entire package in 5 minutes! Trust us, raging is both a workout for the mind and our bodies! During your session you can add boosters to your package and settle the tab upon completion!

Can we bring our own weapons?

We are unable to accommodate your own weapons in our rage rooms, but we do have a smashing selection to choose from.

Can we bring our own breakables?

Heck yes! Do you have some stuff but need the space without the clean-up? Come on down! Click here to book your own BYOB rage session!

Are the packages/items per person?

Yes! This means that each paying participant, even if part of a group, will get their own bundle of breakables to rage with!

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