Mass Glass

From: $30.00

20 Minutes To Rage*$30 Per Person


Studies have shown that the sound of shattering glass can take the edge off. With this specialty package, enjoy a variety of JUST glass/ceramic breakables at your disposal. Throw them, smash them, hang them and show us your best swing. Let the sound of each shattering piece be the therapy we sometimes need!

  • 15 Small Glass/Ceramics
  • 5 Medium Glass/Ceramics
  • 5 Large Glass/Ceramics
Additionally, all Packages Include
  • Safety Video and┬áSafety Briefing
  • Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Access to a personal speaker with Bluetooth Connection in each room (or access to in-house playlists)
  • Access to varying weapons of choice
  • Access to our Zen room after your session
Blood Boiling Boosters

Want to destroy just a little bit more? Or maybe A LOT more? Choose from our boosters below and add them to your package today!

  • Glass Booster
    • 4 Small Glass/Ceramics
    • 2 Medium Glass/Ceramics
    • 1 Large Glass/Ceramics
  • Electronic Booster
    • 2 Small Electronics
    • 1 Large Electronic
  • Mega Booster
    • 15 Extra Minutes
    • 1 Flat Screen TV
    • 1 Specialty Item: Bureau, Hutch, Furniture

We do need a 5 to 10 minute clean up time between each appointment to confirm the safety of all guests.

We’re looking forward to helping you relieve the stress you’ve built up so, welcome to the House Of Rage!


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